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North Africa containing Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Italian Libya and Spanish Rio de Oro
Mount Hope Airport Site
Xanten, Engineer Overprint [Operation Veritable--Hochwald Forest], December 1944
Vlissingen [Flushing] West, Defence Overprint--[the Scheldt], 13 September 1944
Wesel, Engineer Overprint [Operation Veritable], December 1944
Wesel, Defence Overprint [Operation Veritable], 6 February 1945
Wesel, Defence Overprint [Operation Veritable], 12 February 1945
Wesel, Defence Overprint [Operation Veritable], 19 January 1945
Wesel, Defence Overprint [Operation Veritable], 22 January 1945
Terelle, Defence Overprint [Battle of Monte Cassino-North], 10 April 1944
Voorst, Defence Overprint, 19 March 1945
Emden, Defence Overprint, 11 April 1945 [copy 1]
Casteldelci, Defence Overprint, 12 August 1944
Emmerich, Defence Overprint [Rhineland Campaign], December 1944
Falaise, Defence Overprint--Operation Totalize, 6 August 1944
Calcar, Defence Overprint [Rhineland Campaign], 16 December 1944
Emden, Defence Overprint, 11 April 1945 [copy 2]
Cleve, Defence Overprint [Rhineland Campaign], 2 February 1945
Dunkerque, Defence Overprint [Siege], 11 September 1944
Geldern, Defence Overprint [Rhineland Campaign], 18 December 1944


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