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27.X20 [Between Moolenacker and Meteren] June 29, 1918
[Cologne Bridgehead] January 2, 1919
27.X28 [Verity Crossing south of Meteren] January 1, 1918
62d.L8 [Ceylon Wood] August 9, 1918
36c.T6 [Mericourt] October 15, 1917
27.X15 [Meteren] May 15, 1918
28.D27 [Ypres Salient Southwest of Zonnebeke Showing St. Joseph's Institute] September 16, 1918
28.K24 [Dibsland and Somerby Farms] October 1, 1918
20.O36 [Marechal Farm and Colombo House, Houthulst Forest] December 10, 1917
20.O15 [Strovendorp and Nachtegaal Area] December 18, 1917
51b.U12 [Hendecourt-lez-Cagnicourt] January 6, 1918
36c.H31 [East of Loos] August 9, 1917
28.Q5 [Northeast of Gheluwe] October 3, 1918
36a.Q34 [Hinges Road between Hinges and Boheme, Merville Front] June 30, 1918
20.O36 [Marechal Farm, Houthulst Forest] December 26, 1917, c.4
20.P25 [Marseille Farm, Houthulst Forest] January 3, 1918
27.X21 [South of Meteren and North of Belle Croix Farm] July 17, 1918
20.O30 [German Huts Southeast of Augereau Crossroads, Houthulst Forest] December 18, 1917
28.M22 [Mont Rouge area, west of Locre] July 20, 1918
20.O29 [Reims Farm and Weg Mezel Crossroads] December 26, 1917


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