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27.X14 [les Ormes, West of Meteren] July 12, 1918
27.X9 [Meteren] July 4, 1918
27.X10 [Haute Porte Farm, Tree Farm and Benedict Cross Roads] July 4, 1918
27.X15 [Meteren] June 29, 1918
27.X9 [North of Meteren] May 17, 1918
27.X14 [Meteren] July 17, 1918
27.X22 [Cross Roads South of Meteren] July 19, 1918
36a.F3 [Dermot, Terrapin, and Auk Houses South of Meteren] July 31, 1918
27.X15 [Meteren] July 17, 1918
27.X29 [Epsom Cross Roads, Padre Farm, and Clapbanck, Southeast of Meteren] July 18, 1918
27.X21 [Epsom Cross Roads, South of Meteren] July 25, 1918
27.X9 [Kodak Farm, Meteren Area] June 29, 1918
27.X29 [Clapbanck, South of Meteren] July 1, 1918.
27.X11 [Northeast of Meteren and southwest of Blauvenlandt] June 15, 1918 copy 2
27.X23 [Meteren Veld on the Southeastern Outskirts of Meteren] July 18, 1918
27.X25 [Southwest of Meteren] June 29, 1918
27.X16 [East of Meteren] July 18, 1918
27.X13 [Trenches near Moolenacker, West of Meteren] July 9, 1918, copy 2
27.X22 [Scots Trench, South of Meteren] July 31, 1918
27.X20 [Trenches Southwest of Meteren and East of Brahmin Bridge] July 19, 1918


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