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[Northern Italy] 1914
[La Motte 36a.NE.]
[Maricourt] 62c.NW.1
[Orchies] 44.NW: Enemy Organisation 15-10-18
[Aubers] 36.SW
[Albert] 57d.SE Enemy Organisation 15-6-18
[Tergnier] 66c.SW.3
Dieppe 16
[Vauchelles 57d.NW.4]
Third Army Weekly Trench Map (Sunday): Cherisy Parts of 51b.SW.2 and 4
[Bethune] 36b.NE
Blaireville 51c.SE.4
Cherisy Special Sheet 5-12-17
Roisel 62c.NE.4
La Motte (part of) 36a.NE
Hostile Battery Positions 28-9-18 [51b.NE]
[Loos] 44a.NW 36c.NW
[Strasbourg] 12
Labis Fm [36a.NE.2]