Eratosthenis systema geographicvm, envcleabat Gosselin M.DCCC.III

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Title Eratosthenis systema geographicvm, envcleabat Gosselin M.DCCC.III
Name Gosselin, Pascal François Joseph, 1751-1830
Type of Resource cartographic
Publisher Name Steindruck aus der Offizin des Hofbuchdruckers C. F Müller
Publisher Location Carlsruhe [Germany]
Date [between 1797-1813?]
Language lat, ger
Form map
Note 1 map ; 22 x 40 cm, on sheet 28 x 44 cm. Some tears along edges.
Note Printed map. Late 18th century reproduction of original map by Eratosthenis, third century B.C. Visual scale. In lower right margin, "Boerner sct." McMaster's copy has been affixed in cover folder, with two other maps (RMC_5491 and RMC_5493). Cover has a handwritten label reading, "3 Karten zu Arat, Eratosthenes, Dionysius Perigeles [signed] W. Matthias, 1816". Possible connection to cartographer, Wilhelm Heinrich Matthias (active 1803-1830)? Penciled in upper right margin: II. Eratosthenes.
Subject Topic World maps
Identifier RMC_5492