The following collections of essays and papers by Hanna Newcombe are available as full-text books in multiple formats:

title Read Online (x)HTML epub mobi plain text PDF
How Things Come Together
Volume 1 Online viewer volume-1-on-one-page.html volume-1.epub volume-1-on-one-page.txt volume-1.pdf
Volume 2 Online viewer volume-2-on-one-page.html volume-2.epub volume-2-on-one-page.txt volume-2.pdf
Volume 3 Online viewer volume-3-on-one-page.html volume-3.epub volume-3-on-one-page.txt volume-3.pdf
Essays on World Affairs
Book 1 Online viewer book-1-on-one-page.html book-1.epub book-1-on-one-page.txt book-1.pdf
Book 2 Online viewer book-2-on-one-page.html book-2.epub book-2-on-one-page.txt book-2.pdf

Notes: All files are book-length, hence intended for offline reading. The largest book, Volume 1, is approximately 1.2 megabytes in text or HTML; 1.3 megabytes in epub; 1.5 megabytes in mobi; and 2.2 megabytes in PDF. The other books are all in the range 100 - 1000 kb.

  1. The HTML version is internally hyperlinked, both through the contents pages and through casual links, and is also the only version which contains links to articles in other volumes in the series. XHTML strict is used, and all special characters are escaped to permit storage in ASCII.
  2. The epub format is best for reading on smartphones, the iPad, and generic ebook readers / tablet computers. It can also be read on netbook or laptop computers via the Firefox ePubReader plugin.
  3. The mobi format is mainly used for Kindle, and will also work on Palm devices (for older Palm models, such as the Zire series, rename the downloaded file with the .prc extension instead of .mobi).
  4. The plain text version exists for archival stability. Titles are indicated with underscores, and there is other rudimentary markup. These files use the ISO 8859-1 character set. Lines break at 60 characters for easier reading; there are double line breaks between paragraphs, allowing text to reflowed offline if you so wish.
  5. The PDF versions were produced from HTML and are optimized for printing; a smaller font size is used and each chapter begins on a new page.