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The Gilston Loud-Speaker, 21 September 1926-15 March 1927
The Daily Twitter, 30 May 1918-12 October 1918
The Daily Cackle, 20 August 1928-11 October 1929
Fifty-fifth annual report of the Inspectors of Prisons and Public Charities upon the Hospitals for the Insane and Feeble-minded
Twelve Mile Creek conservation report, 1960
The Daily Twitter, 20 February 1922-23 February 1925
Visit of the Prince of Wales to America, His Royal Highness at Hamilton, Canada West.
Early views of original campus in Hamilton, showing university buildings and President’s house
A sketch of the Battle at Christlers Farm, Williamsburg, Upper Canada, 11th. Novr. 1813
Map showing the different railways by which the eastern townships of Canada East may be reached