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West Mediterranean
Cape Fuki, Taiwan (Formosa)
Tsugaru Strait; Honshu-Hokkaido-Japan
Strait of Dover, England-France
Wu Kung Mountains, Kiangsi, China
Hong Kong Island, South China
Strait of Dover
Sumatra (North) : special strategic map
A draught of the Gut of Canso, between Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island, surveyed by the King's ships in 1761
We Island, Sumatra, East Indies
Cape Mangkalihat, Borneo, Netherlands indies
Bintan Island, Dutch East Indies
Penang Island, Malaya States
Mentawai Islands, Dutch East Indies
Nias Island, Dutch East Indies
Track Chart Showing drift of 'D.S.S. Alert' In Ice June and July, 1885