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Plan of Wilson Park
Plan of Goodwin Park
Plan of survey of part of Abbotsford
Plan of survey of part of lot no 24 in the 2nd conn Flamboro' West containing 18 1/2 acres
Plan of the survey of the 3rd, 4th, & 5th Concessions of the Township of Beverly
Sketch of survey of lots in the Village of Ancaster the property of Mr MacCrimmon
Plan of park-lots laid out in the north part of lot no.5 in the B.F. Con of the Township of Saltfleet
Counties of Lincoln, Haldimand, Welland, Wentworth and Halton
Sketch of survey of lot 23 in the 4th Con. and lot 23 in the 5th Con., Saltfleet
Grand Trunk Railway
[Survey of J. Hopkins' property in Flamborough East & West]
Plan of village lots in Waterdown