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Hans Gadamer personal library
The Point, 1975
This Space Age: Summer Studentships, 1965
Student days
McMaster: An Impression, [c.1965]
McMaster University Open House, 1970s
Orientation, 1968
Programmes and Ephemera: Student’s Christmas Dinner Programme, 1899
Carbon-14 dating at McMaster, 1978
Convocation, 1957
Visiting Students Touring McMaster, [1976]
McMaster University Orientation, 1978
First Half, [c.1980]
Convocation, 1978
Sports at McMaster, 1969
McMaster University, Campus Promotion, [1968]
Moulton Days, 1940
Compilation of Early McMaster footage, 1930-1945
Early views of original campus in Hamilton, showing university buildings and President’s house