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Dubawnt Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada
North America : sheet IV Lake Superior, reduced from the Admiralty Survey
Mishikamau Lake, Labrador, Canada
La parte occidentale della Nuova Francia o Canada
Dolgelley & Lake Vyrnwy
Plan of the north shore of Lake Superior
Yukon map : sheet no. 04
Yukon map : sheet no. 05
Yukon map : sheet no. 07
Central Asia
Saskatchewan River, Saskatchewan, Canada
Yukon map : sheet no. 06
Plan du Port Dauphin et de sa rade avec l'entrée de Labrador
Baye Ste. Anne ou le Port Dauphin dans l'Isle Royale
Mt Piramide, Chile
Connaught Range
Part of Lake Ontario and the River St. Lawrence from an actual survey